How To Create Your Own Hair Mask?

July 14, 2017


Just like your pamper your skin and take care of your body, I guess I don’t need to tell you that your hair needs a lot of it too. It craves attention and if your hair is in great shape and health, then you are probably ready to make the best out of your appearance. However with the humid weather making it really hard for all of us to get rid of the hair fall and other hair related dilemmas, there are some simple ways through which we can save it from the damage. Natural remedies are a great fixture for your hair troubles and you can create some amazing hair masks at your home too. So how to create your own hair mask? Here are three simple hair mask to do yourself. It is all in here! Let’s get started!



Avocado Hair Mask


Avocado hair mask is genuinely for people with dry hair. All you need is half avocado, coconut oil and honey. That is how you create your very own hair mask and treat your dry hair in the best way. The reason this natural hair mask is bliss for dry and frizzy hair is that it contains Vitamin E and essential acids which prove as moisturizes for the scalp. This helps in preventing hair fall or damage in all. This contributes silky and healthier hair which feels good to brush your fingers through.




Mint Green Tea Hair Mask

 Speaking of mint green tea-it is best for hair which has a lot of dandruff. You will need mint leaves, brewed green tea, 5-8 drops of peppermint oil (although this is optional but if you can get it, it will be wonderful) and a cup of plain yogurt. With mixing this all together, you help your hair in getting rid of dandruff.

Dandruff is the core reason for dry hair and it also is a major cause of hair fall and split ends. Green tea is a wonderful source for antioxidants which contributes in diminishing the dandruff flakes from the root. The mint soothes your scalp and it is said that this hair mask works within days. You are definite to notice wonderful changes within a little time.




Strawberry Mask for Oily Hair


Oily hair is the worst type of hair to deal with. You wash it daily and that adds up to ruining the remaining good that is left in it. However, if you know how to create your own hair mask out of strawberries, then oily hair is going to be an old story for you. What will you need? It is simple; half cup of strawberries (chop them up), along with half tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of yoghurt. That is all and you get the best ever hair mask for your oily hair. Not only will it take away all the oiliness from your hair but it will also leave them smelling amazing as ever. The apple cider vinegar is amazing in nourishing your hair and balancing the PH level of your scalp, leaving the oiliness behind.


It is quite easy to make your own hair masks at home and they are much more effective than the unnatural products we all opt for. It is time that you pamper your hair, skin and your body in the perfect way because if you won’t then who will? Look good and feel good is not just a mantra. The way you look, automatically turns into the way you feel. Hair loss and hair damage is a distress to deal with so take care of it before it’s late!


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