Top 5 Tricks To Get More Volume into Fine Hair

September 6, 2018


Every girl desires and dreams to have silky fine hair but with a tinge of volume but whenever they tend to straighten their hair, it falls flat on their head making them look less appealing. Hence they try various easy ways through which more volume can be created. However, the ways through volume can be created might work for some girls and not for everyone as the hair texture differs from person to person. Therefore, tricks are needed through which volume can be created in all types of hair textures including fine hair. The hairdressers like Tamara´s Scissorhands in North Brisbane, Redcliffe and Sunshine coast tend to advice their clients the same tricks that are mentioned below:



Trick No. 1


The first trick, that is pointed out by one of the top hairdressers in North Brisbane, is that they advice their clients to back brush their hair. A large paddle brush can be used to back brush your hair and the more you brush your hair in a backward manner the more volume is created. It is advised to pin up the uppermost layer of your hair and start with the lowest layer.



Trick No. 2

One of our Top 5 Tricks is to blow-dry your hair in an upside upside down position. By doing this, roots of the hair are uplifted and hence this technique down manner, which means that you should flip your head makes sure that your hair is dried up till the end. It also enhances the blood circulation in your roots and it is proved by a lot of researches.






Trick No. 3

In order to further create volume, people can use root-boosting products. There are many roots boosting products available on the market that can be used to boost and create voluminous hair. By doing so, support can be granted to your roots, which creates more volume, no matter many how many times you brush your hair. However girls should make sure that their hair is completely dried up as the root boosting products work mainly on dried up hair. If you don’t want to use roots boosting products then you should definitely try volume boosting shampoos. The way you wash your hair along with a volume shampoo will help you create volume in your hair.





Trick No. 4

Always use hot rollers to create volume. Hot rollers have been used for ages by women to create volume but ever since the invention of straighteners, curlers etc., they are no longer in use. All you have to do is to set hot rollers in your hair while you are busy beautifying your face. By the time you are done with your make up, you can easily open your rollers to see results. This trick should be used in cases if your hair is already dry or you have washed your hair one day before the day you need volume on. Moreover, make sure that you can determine the right direction to create volume. After rollers are removed from hair, brush your hair in order to create a soft look with loose waves.



Trick No. 5

Moreover, one of the easiest tricks to create volume is to sleep in a bun. The damp hair in a bun will create volume in your hair along with light and loose waves.


All of the above methods and tricks can be used to create volume as all of them are tried and tested. Anyone can create waves and volume anytime they want, all they have to do is to follow the right steps that are mentioned above.




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