5 Unbelievable Facts About Human Hair !

August 14, 2017


Although you might think you know everything about human hair, you certainly don’t. Human hair is, indeed, very interesting. There are all kinds of stereotypes concerning human hair. Of course, some of the things said about hair are out of sheer vanity. But that doesn’t mean that human hair hasn’t been the subject of intensive research in the past. In fact, as your hairdresser in the North Lakes region, we have noticed the grouping of human in races on the basis of hair. That’s why you need to know some of the interesting human hair facts.


Here are the 5 hair facts you didn’t know about:



It’s Hard To Destroy Human Hair

Of course, the human hair is flammable. Human hair doesn’t, however, decay that quickly. That’s why your hair is almost indestructible. As an experienced hairdresser operating in the North Lakes region, we understand that human hair can resist all kinds of acid and corrosive chemicals. That’ a fact!






Baldness Is Closely Linked To Heart Disease

Hair loss isn’t something to take lightly. According to recent research, there is a significant link between being bald and the risk of coronary heart disease. In the study involving 40,000 participants, bald men were found to have 70 percent greater risk of heart disease compared to their counterparts. The researchers explained these findings in terms of variations in insulin levels and hormones.





Women With Blonde Hair Have More Estrogen


The best hairdresser North of Brisbane understand the variations that exist in the human hair on the basis of gender. However, even among women, the color of your hair is an indicator of certain internal things in your body. According to scientific research, women with blonde hair have more estrogen than those with other hair colors. Blonde women are also believed to have finer beauty features. Through many years of experience in the hairdressing industry, we have seen how youthful most of the blondes appear.



Hair Growth Rate

It doesn’t take much of a hassle to notice that facial hair tends to grow faster than hair in other parts of the body. On your face, hair grows at between 0.3 and 0.5 millimeters daily. Avoid shaving your beards for a lifetime and it will be as long as a killer whale – 30-feet long. That’s mind-blowing even for the most experienced hairdresser North of Brisbane. You would understand why men shave facial hair more often than they do that on that their heads.





Mites In The Eyelashes

Did you know that your eyelashes contain mites? Well, hairdressers in the  Brisbane Region advises that you be aware of this. The mites live in the eyelash follicles and feed on waste such as sebum. Did you know that you can contribute to the increase of mites in your eyelashes? Using excessive amounts of eyeliner and mascara is the biggest culprit. As your hairdresser in Redcliffe, Caboolture and North Brisbane, we advise you to avoid using these beauty products in excess. That way you will avoid losing your follicles.




Of course, there is much more to know about human hair that wasn’t shared here. But we will continue this list every week. So stay tuned !














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