How To Pluck Your Eyebrows Perfectly and Painlessly

If you come to think about it, how will you look without your eyebrows? Since they are the frames of your eyes and face, you need to take time to remove stray hairs that only ruin your good looks. Taking deliberate steps to create your eyebrow template can be a great way of maintaining your natural beauty. It doesn’t really matter if you are tweezing and trimming your eyebrows between professional appointments or if you are only doing a touch-up. You will find it to be a little bit more painful, especially when you are plucking the hairs. That’s why it’s important to learn how to pluck eyebrows perfectly and painlessly. After all, you need to pluck and shape your eyebrows without having to cringe or going through intense blinking.

Before you start going about it, there are a number of things you must keep in mind. If in doubt, just ensure that you do not get caught up in the hair-removal process that you take things too far. If you haven’t learned how to pluck eyebrows perfectly and painlessly, overdoing it will mean you have more intense pain for longer. So ensure you trace over the few hairs you want to remove with a highlighting pencil so you remove only enough. With this, you should be able to stick to the hairs you set out to pluck, in the first instance. By measuring how long your eyebrows should be, you will be able to ensure you do not over-tweeze the gaps between them and the tail ends.

Once you have drawn eyebrow template, you need to try and keep in mind what you will learn below on how to pluck your eyebrows perfectly and painlessly.

Taking A Hot Shower

When you take a hot shower, you will be able to open up the follicles. With this, it will be easier and less painful when plucking your eyebrows. Of course, you might not have time for a shower or you might have forgotten to pluck your eyebrows immediately after one. Warm some water and sock in a washcloth, which you will hold over your eyebrows for just about a minute. After that, you might want to proceed with the eyebrows plucking process. Only that you have to ensure that you dry your eyebrows before you start plucking. There’s nothing as frustrating as tweezing wet eyebrows.

Using Ice

If you want to learn how to learn how to pluck your eyebrows perfectly and painlessly, you need to use ice either before or after tweezing. Only that you should not use it directly after a hot shower. This will only make your open hair follicles to close up. The after-tweezing application of ice on your eyebrows ensures you are able to control any pain that might be present. You might also want to numb the eyebrows area by holding ice for a short time so you won’t experience lots of pain. Tweezing leads to pain resulting from inflammation and this can be alleviated using ice.

Creating Your Eyebrow Template

So now about creating your eyebrow template. You first must mark where you want your eyebrows to start and end. Do this using a ruler to make white markings on both ends of your eyebrows. Take a stencil and place it in position. You need to align the white mark you made with the inner corner of the stencil. By brushing the hair through the stencil hole in line with the shape of the stencil, you will be able to create the shape you want. The hair you are going to tweeze is that outside the shape of the stencil. Tracing the outline of the brow shape with a white stick should give you just the shape hair you need.

Using Sharp Tweezers

One of the ways to reduce the pain that results from plucking your eyebrows is using sharp tweezers or those that have been freshly sharpened. This is because sharp tweezers are better at grabbing each hair ensuring that there is no unnecessary slipping. With sharp tweezers, you won’t have to try to pluck the same hair more than once. If you don’t pluck the hair out at the first try, it can turn out to be very painful. If you can’t find a way to sharpen your tweezers, starting with a new pair is the way to go. After all, you don’t want to end up grabbing your skin after failing to grab your hair. That will defeat the essence of trying to learn how to pluck eyebrows perfectly and painlessly.

Holding The Skin Taut

One way to ensure a painless eyebrow plucking process is by stretching the skin using your fingers. That way, you will be able to stretch the pores thus easing the hair plucking process. Once you have a taut skin, quickly pluck the hairs so as to minimize the possibility of the tweezers slipping thus making you have to re-tweeze the same hair. The bottom-line is that hair that’s easier to pluck is also less painful.

Tweezing In The Right Direction

To make it easier for the hairs to come out, ensure you pluck it in the direction it grows. That way, you will be able to easily pull them out of place. Failure to observe this will mean the hair will split, thus necessitating another plucking process. After all, plucking the same hair twice only makes it unnecessarily painful. If you have learned how to pluck eyebrows perfectly and painlessly, you should have no problem following this rule of thumb.

Well, there you have it! Is not as difficult as many thinking and plucking your eyebrows doesn’t have to be a painful experience. But of course, you can also add eyebrow waxing on to your book service with us.

What is your experience ? Do you have any questions ? Do you have any wishes what you would like to read ? Drop us your comment in the comment section below and let us know.

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