Game Of Thrones - The Secret Behind The Hairstyles

If you are one of those people who consider Game of Thrones the greatest TV show on earth, you must have followed each and every episode religiously. Lots of the female fans of this series have admired the hairstyles exhibited by the different stars. Yet many are fearful that these epic-looking hairstyles are so much out of this world that they wouldn’t afford to wear them. The following are some of the outstanding game of thrones hairstyles:

Perfectly Parted Look

One of the most celebrated Game of Thrones hairstyles is the perfectly parted look as exhibited by Margaery Tryrell. She has always been spotted with long ginger locks that give her the look of a queen. For a woman who has always loved to be stylish, you couldn’t help but notice the sneer on her face. With a little more research, you should be able to find a hair stylist to give you a similar look.

The Homeboy Look

Do you remember Joffrey ‘Baratheon’ and his closely-cut hair? If you think about it, the look was as fascinating as the other Game of Thrones hairstyles. For someone in need of doing this type of hairstyle, you might consider it if you want to lighten your head and yet still look gorgeous. Yours could be something not different from a short and smooth blonde look. The hair will fall flat on the head to make you look like the queen you are.

Over-The-Shoulder Locks

In Game of Thrones, Cersei came out as nothing short of an awful human being. In fact, without watching her actions, her looks might give her away as a saintly woman. All thanks to her incredible hair. Among the Game of Thrones hairstyles, hers is one that can be said to have greatly defined the show. At times the hair would be seen lying on top of the shoulders in front and other times on her back.

The Short-Haired Look

Many ladies nowadays are fond of adorning the short-haired look. In the Game of Thrones show, it is Brienne of Tarth that stood out of the rest with her short-haired look. You should learn something from one of the toughest knights on the show. Her hairstyle may look messy but it’s fun at the same time. If you are the kind of person who likes challenging the status quo, this is one of the best hairstyles to adorn.

The Endlessly-Long Look

Nothing makes a woman look graceful that endlessly-long hair that also looks gorgeously moist. One of the characters in Game of Thrones who would always be seen with this look is Liz. This great hairstyle should work for you on any particular occasion. Especially so if you are a fan of this epic show. After all, there are lots of women out there who want to have the same look as Liz. You could just be one of them!

The Snazzy-Hair Look

Did you notice anything about Khal Drogo apart from his well-built muscles? Well, it’s the snazzy-hair look that makes him stand out as the muscle man that he is. Any man looking to have a different look should seriously consider adorning this hairstyle.

Deeply-Colored Hair

If you are Melisandre’s fan, you must have fallen in love with her darkly-scarlet hair. After all modern women like hair that not only has different tones and depths but which is stunningly gorgeous. This is one of those Game of Thrones hairstyles that will make you look out of this world.

If any of the featured Game of Thrones hairstyles has left you awed, why not try it?

What´s your favourit hairstyle ? Would you like to try one ? Drop us a comment let let us know your thoughts

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