August 16, 2018



In modern society, appearances are often very important. In fact, there is often a bias against people who do not look the way we expect them to. As such, it is extremely common in most societies for people to invest far more time and money into grooming themselves than was previously common, simply to avoid these biases and appear as presentable members of the society.


A big part of your appearance is your hair, and thus, having hair that looks appealing and attractive is an important part of your image or appearance. Having healthy hair is quite important in our modern society and many hairdressers have pointed it out. And, as such, having dry hair becomes a point of discomfort and uneasiness, even concern for those afflicted with it. Many people with dry hair will have home remedies and simple treatments for their affliction. Today I will share with you three of the best simple ways to treat dry hair.


Tip 1: Hot Oil

Massaging the scalp with hot oil is a popular remedy in many homes, and is even used as a preventive measure taken by many parents to prevent dry hair in their children’s future. The act of massaging encourages the circulation of blood at the roots of the hair, making it softer rather than stiff. It also releases the body’s natural oils and chemicals that lubricate the hair and prevent it from getting dry and stiff. The hot oil pierces the dry layer of hair to penetrate the pores and provide nourishment for the scalp. It also acts as an added extra layer of lubrication for the hair. This will also stimulate hair growth, and is an effective tool in combating illnesses such as dandruff, hair fungi, and other such ailments of the hair and the scalp. The hairdressers in Redcliffe and hairdressers in Brisbane can offer its clients this simple treatment for dry hair. Or simply contact us !



Tip 2: Natural Conditioner

The use of natural conditioners will often be the most effective way to combat dry hair. While many opt for special conditioners and shampoos, these are often costly. On the other hand, natural conditioners will often do the same job while being unimaginably cheaper and easier to find. Natural conditioners include honey and lime juice. These natural conditioners lubricate the hair, preventing dryness and washing away whatever bacteria and viruses are causing dry hair. Yogurt mixes well with these natural conditioners, as it will often provide an additional source of nutrients for your scalp, to make it, and by extension you, that much healthier.




Tip 3: Homemade Creams And Masks

Lastly, homemade creams and makeshift ointments are often very effective. While many once again opt for store bought creams, homemade creams are just as effective and much cheaper. These creams act as a mixture of conditioners and lubricants, providing both moisture and nutrients to your scalp. The most common homemade cream is made from egg yolk mixed with lemon and milk. Other effective creams are made from bananas and curd, or even mayonnaise. Once these mixtures are applied to the scalp, they will often go a long way in preventing dry hair as well as curing it.


People who are looking for hairdressers that can offer such treatments for dry hair can take help from the hairdressers at north Brisbane and other cities that are nearby.


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