How To Maintain Long Hair

Long hair has the power to increase to the beauty of your overall appearance, but they can be really hard to maintain , if you do not know how to take care of them. Maintaining long hair is not a one day or weekly task. Taking care of your long hair is a full time job and if done incorrectly, it will result in making your hair will look like an unmanageable nest and if done right, you will be greatly rewarded. Long hair can be your biggest asset and your biggest worry because they need a lot of care and attention, this is because, the longer your hair is, the more friction is caused between them and more friction means more damage. Follow these tips to keep your long hair healthy, shiny and luscious.

Use Silk or Satin Pillow Cases to Reduce Friction

Sleeping on cotton or polyester pillow cases, cause friction in your hair which leads to them getting damaged. Use silk or satin pillow cases because the prevent friction and hence protect your hair from getting damaged. If you do not want to invest in separate pillow cases for your hair, then you can also choose to wear silk or satin hair caps. Make sure to wear them inside out, so you have the silk or satin part protecting your hair from friction.

Do Not Sleep With Your Hair Open

Another way to reduce friction is by tying them before you go to bed. So, tie your hair in a braid, loose ponytail or in a loose bun because you do not want to get a headache by tying your hair too tight. According to professional hairdressers, tight hairstyles are also notorious for causing friction in your hair.

Invest In a Good Quality Hair Brush

Good quality plastic brushes and natural bristle brushes are best for your hair. These brushes may cost you a couple more dollars but, they are very beneficial for your hair. Good quality plastic or natural bristle brushes or combs help your hair in maintaining moisture, they reduce frizz, they evenly distribute the natural oils in your hair and do not produce static. These brushes are rounded and firm which helps in gently untangling your hair and they will not break easily either.

Do Not Use Too Many Products On Your Hair

Using too many products on your hair strips them off all the moisture. Since, long hair is heavier than short hair, there is more room for product build up in long hair. The build up of product is going to weigh your hair down and strip your hair off the volume and the shine. This will make your hair look lifeless and flat. Make sure that you do not use products that contain silicone in them. These products are notorious for making your hair look shinier at first but then the product builds up in your hair and steals all the shine and volume, eventually dries your hair out.

Protect Your Hair From Heat

Do not expose your hair to heat often, as it damages and burns your hair. Do not style your hair too often, it is better if you learn a couple of braid hair styles than curling or straightening your hair daily. Hairstylists recommend to use heat protectants before using any heat on your hair. Another misconception you should avoid is putting argan oil in your hair before using heat on them. Some people put a few drops of argan oil before styling their hair with heat. They think that argan oil acts as a heat protectant but is does not. It deep fries your hair so do not pull this stunt, instead use actual heat protectants , recommended by your hairstylist. If you are not that good at styling your hair, then instead of experimenting and ruining your hair, get an appointment from your hairdresser and let them handle it.

Obsesses About Getting Your Hair Trimmed

You must get your hair trimmed once in every six to eight weeks , to avoid those nasty split ends. Trimming your hair does not fasten your hair growth, but it removes the hurdles. It protects your hair from getting damaged. Want to book an appointment now ? Book Online !

Understand Your Hair

Before you use anything on your hair, make sure to acquaint yourself with your hair type. Not every product is made for your hair type. For instance, if you have oily hair , then using products that are made for dry hair will make your hair oilier. Before buying the product, read the label and its ingredients carefully. So, choose the hair products that match your hair type. You can consult with your hairdresser to know what is your hair type.

Use Natural Ingredients

Always be careful about what you are applying on your hair. Wrong products are capable of causing harsh allergies and they can completely damage your hair. Avoid products that contain harsh chemicals like sulfate and always consider your hairdresser’s opinion before applying on your hair and scalp. Your hairdresser understands your hair better than you do.

Do Not Color Your Hair Too Often

Hair dyes and bleaches contain harsh chemicals that destroy your hair if used excessively. Do not dye your hair too often and always get them done professionally because, as said earlier, your hairstylist knows how to make your hair look amazing without damaging it. Also use the special colored hair shampoos, as advised by your hairstylist.

Maintain a Healthy Diet And Remain Hydrated

Eating good and healthy foods and drinking plenty of water also adds to the health of your long hair. You hair needs vitamins and proteins. Intake vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K to keep your hair shiny. To increase your intake in vitamins A, C, E, and K eat foods like kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, avocados, apples, and mangoes. For increasing your intake of vitamins B and D, consume meat, fish and dairy products. Plus, do not forget to keep yourself hydrated because staying well hydrated makes your hair shiny and soft.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Often

Sometimes, it is better to let your hair remain a little dirty. When you shampoo your hair regularly, you strip all the moisture from your hair, which leads to dryness and dandruff. So, only shampoo your hair when it is necessary or after one or two days. This cause the natural oils of your hair to repair any damages. When you start shampooing your hair less, you will notice that your hair gets oily less often and you do not need a lot of shampoo to keep your hair clean.

Deep Condition Your Hair by Using Natural Materials

Our hair, like our skin needs some extra pampering now and then. For that extra pampering, ask your hairstylist for a hair mask treatment made from natural products. The hair mask made from avocados, eggs and yogurt is the best for giving a protein treatment to your hair. Also, make sure to oil your hair at least once or twice a week. Castor oil, tea tree oil, argan oil, olive oil and almond oil are the best for growing and maintaining long hair. These oils must be applied at the ends of your hair.

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