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Straight, smooth, shiny and silky hair is every girl’s dream. For all the girls with curly and frizzy hair, there is good news. Brazilian Cacau Keratin smoothing straightening treatment gives you smooth hair with an added effect of straightening without damaging your hair and preserving their natural shine and bounce. So, now put a full stop to everyday straightening damage to your hair by hot irons. Get it done once and for all. For all, we mean 3 months; long lasting but non-permanent!

What Is This Treatment About?

Brazilian Cacau Keratin smoothing straightening Treatment is basically designed and aimed at rejuvenating your hair of the stores and nutrients they have been depleted of. Giving instant smoothness, strength, and life to your hair, this treatment is the best option for your hair in your busy schedule. Who has got time to try long yet unpromising treatments? You can now bring your hair back to life from the damage they suffer due to daily wear and tear and the chemical/thermal treatments.

Brazilian straightening is a temporary method in which we seal liquid keratin into your hair strands with a hair iron. It changes the structure of your hair with the help of keratin and makes them straight. Our hair treatment will give your hair smoothness and the procedure is not just about this all, rather it’s about professionalism, proper timing, proportion, and care.

We are under the immense pressure to deliver our customers the perfect smooth hair without causing damage to any strand.

We provide hair smoothening straightening services from North Brisbane over North Lakes up to Caboolture and also covering the Redcliffe areas with a professional hairdresser from North Lakes providing expert services.

Brazilian Smoothing Straightening


Chemical Straightening

Up till now, chemical straightening has ‘apparently’ benefited many girls. But it is very inferior to Brazilian Cacau Keratin smoothening straightening. The Brasilian Cacau treatment stands on top in the following aspects:

  • As the name itself explains, our hair treatment is based on making your hair smooth and soft with added straightening effect

  • It is actually a kind of restorative treatment for your hair. Keratin strengthens your hair shaft and makes it more resilient.

  • It does not cause hair strand breakage.

  • Keratin straightening is a good option for bleached hair.

  • It maintains the natural shine and bounce of hair and does not leave them dry and brittle.

  • Chemical straightening is permanent and you have to wait for your hair to regrow to get back your natural hair.

How long Does It Last?

The Brazilian Cacau Keratin smoothing straightening Treatment is a temporary yet long-lasting one. The smoothness it adds to your hair lasts long with the straightening effect for up to 3 months, as long as the keratin remains sealed in your strands. When the hair starts losing keratin, they gradually come back to their natural and original form. However, what makes this treatment unique and pioneer is that the hair returns even healthier and smoother than before because of the conditioning impact. And as more often it gets applied as longer does the smoothening effect last!

Got frizzy hair? Brazilian Cacao Keratin smoothening straightening treatment is waiting for you!

A keratin treatment can remove all the frizz from your hair without damaging them. It will rather add shine and strength to your hair and make them look healthier than before. And, if you miss your frizzy hair, you will get them back after 3-5 months. That is two in one!

What ingredients make our products?

Our products have the following most natural ingredients due to which our services produce great results:

  • ​Centaurea Cyanus. It prevents yellowing of the hair.

  • Sugarcane Cysteine- It gives natural smoothness to hair

  • Ômega 3, 6 and 9- Form lipid layer on the hair and provide thermal protection

Our keratin treatment regime consists of the following products:

- Anti-residue shampoo

This is the first step. It prepares your hair strands for restructuring

-Eco Keratin

This is the main product which restructures your hair. It makes them smooth and frizz-free lasting for 3 months.

-Deep conditioning mask

It helps keep your hair smooth for a long time and maintains its normal PH.


So, if you are looking for the perfect keratin treatment services from our hairdressers from North Brisbane, North Lakes, Redcliffe or Moreton Bay Area, the Brazilian Cacau Smoothening Straightening is the best option.

We assure you professional services with the best results, giving you frizz-free, smooth and shiny straight hair. Your concerns about hair damaged are now addressed and your natural hair will come back with a softer and healthier look.

If you have any questions, just send us a text message, e-mail, Facebook message or simply give us a call!

What are you waiting for? See your hair dreams come true!

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