Top 8 Spring Carnival Hairstyle

The winter is over and summer is coming. The major event which stops the nation is the Melbourne Cup Day which is on Tuesday 6th November 2018. This means only have about a week to get yourself ready.

This is the time for our Australian gentlemen to pull out their best suits, pocket squares, dress shoes, ties and cufflinks for the usual office shindig and booze fest. But come on, who is looking at the men?

The Spring Carnival is all about us, the ladies – our stunning dresses or pant suits, the heels, makeup, the hair, and fascinators. This is where the best of fashion is sprung! We’ll keep our eyes peeled for celeb outfits and what Jennifer Hawkins will be rocking at the event. Spring Carnival Hairstyles are certainly in at the moment.

Bouncy Curls

hey look amazing on long hair and can be worn with fascinator hats perfectly well. You can easily style them into diverse forms. A curling tong should be used to create luscious and luminous curls. Lots of hairsprays are required to obtain this fancy look. Your hair may drop due to the day’s heat but the wondrous curls will restore it and help you attain the attention you need. This style is the simplest and safest bet to have on carnival spring.

Finger Waves

It gives you a Hollywood appearance and the most classic can easily be worn with a fascinator. Many celebrities prefer this style. To do it you need a reliable curling tong that can distribute heat to keep your curls consistent. Though fancy but a bit tricky to wear, you can get a tutor to do it for you. You will need flat pins to pin the curls where the waves set the style. Do this after brushing them out. A stronghold hairspray is then used to spray them. Finish it up by adding your fascinator.


These are the best. They come in varieties. That means you can choose the up, down or half-up style. They keep everything together if kept tight. You can have them all day and stay worry-free because they remain kept.

Retro Hair

You can remain classic and elegant with this hairstyle. They will make a resurgence of you if well done. They look fascinating if worn with a fascinator or a bow is tied in the hair.

Half Up Hair

Most fascinating and stunning hairstyle that will leave you elegant and rock. It’s a simple style but not overstated. This hairstyle is pretty, demure and most relevant for a spring carnival.

Messy Bun

This will give you easy time on spring carnival. You don’t need to worry about falling hair when you are fully engaged during the occasion. The fact that the hair is up and out of the way will grant you an easy time. Falling hair is part of the look for this hairstyle. You need to clip the hair in by your fascinator. This messy bun can be achieved through sectioning the hair then creating a pony in the middle. Wrap the ponytail into a bun and pin around to secure. It is an easy style to make that you can do on your own.

Side Swept Curls

This will always keep you on the right side. It is simple to wear. You only need to curl and tuck it to the side then insert a fascinator. It gives a pretty and floral look which can be fantastic on any occasion.

The Pony

They come in varieties. For instance, high sleek, textured and low pony. The pony style fits perfectly well with headpieces. These will make you stunning and stand out. They are perfect for ladies who want an extra look.

However, the spring carnival can as well be rocked with a simpler look which consists of a floral fascinator and the pony.

In order to impress your friends and co-workers on Melbourne Cup Day. You need to make the right choice of hairstyle hit on the day to keep you rocking!!!

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