Why Do I Get Split Ends Or Hair Loss ?

Hair loss and split ends are the worst nightmare for girls. If you are currently living that then book an consultation appointment with Tamara's ScissorHands - A Mobile Hairdresser For You residing in Redcliffe, Queensland. Split ends make your hair look like it has been burnt. Hair loss is super annoying, you find your hair in everything. The drain is always clogged after a shower, the pillow has hair on it right after you wake up, your hairbrush needs to be cleaned every time you brush your hair and whenever you comb your hand through your hair, you find a ton of dead hair in your hair. The following are the reasons behind hair loss and split ends:

You Are Stressed

Stress is the major cause behind hair loss and split ends. Anything that causes you stress has the capability of harming your body and especially your scalp. When you are stressed, it makes your hair follicles enter a resting phase which is the third phase of the hair growth cycle, which makes the hair on your hair shed due to lack of transfer of nutrients. Lack of nutrients causes hair to damage like split ends. To avoid split ends and hair, you must try to lead a stress free life.

It Is The Hormones

Whenever you experience any type of hormonal imbalance, your scalp sheds hair and causes split ends. Hormonal balance affects the strength of your hair so it leads to the breakage of hair and cause split ends. It basically disturbs the normal functioning of your body. These hormonal imbalances causes you to stress due to an increase in your estrogen levels and reducing of progesterone in your body which leads to split ends and hair loss. Especially, during menopause, a woman experiences more damaged hair and thinning of hair. Pregnancy also causes a change in your hormones which leads to hair loss and damaging of hair i.e. split ends.

You Have A Bad Diet

Your diet affects everything that is inside your body. Your diet affects your skin, sleeping patterns, hair and whatnot. If your diet is not healthy then your body will not function how it normally should. Your body functions will weaken and cause damage to your hair. So, make sure that you have a good diet and remain hydrated to save your hair from breakage and split ends.

It Is Genetic

Yes, hair loss and split ends can be genetic too. Split ends are also caused due to a genetic condition called trichorrhexis nodosa. This condition causes a defect in your hair shaft which makes the hair thick in some areas and thin the other areas. This unevenness of hair makes it more prone to split ends and hair loss. According to American Academy of Dermatology, if your parents suffer from hair loss, you will too suffer from it.

You Have An Injury Or Physical Stress

A car accident, surgery, flu or severe illness can cause physical stress to your body which is related to the health of your hair. The split ends and hair loss caused due to this physical stress is temporary and will go away when you are fully healed.

Your Shampoo Is Too Harsh

Nothing destroys your hair more than harsh chemicals that are present in your shampoos or conditioners. These harsh chemicals strip your hair from all its moisture and natural oils which protect them from any damage. So, choose gentle shampoos and conditioners and do not wash your hair excessively. You should only shampoo your scalp and condition just the ends of your hair. Be gentle with your hair to prevent it from damaging and breaking.

You Expose It To Heat More Often

Curling, straightening, blow drying or perming your hair excessively damages your hair permanently. These appliances end up burning your hair by sucking up all the moisture from your hair. Using excessive heat dries out your hair follicles which makes your hair dry and brittle, hence making it an easy target to split ends and hair loss. Too much exposure to the sun can also cause hair fall and split ends. If it is too sunny outside, then use an umbrella or wear a hat or scarf. So, do not style your hair more often and use a heat protectant whenever you do, it is even better if you get your hair dressed professionally.

You Dye Your Hair More Often And Do It By Yourself

Dyeing and bleaching your excessively causes a havoc in your hair due to all the chemicals you are exposing it to. Colored or bleached hair tends to get dry and brittle which basically an invitation to split ends. So, do not change your hair color often and whenever you do, get it done professionally because your hairdresser knows how to make your hair amazing without damaging it.

You Comb Or Brush Your Hair Too Often

When you comb or brush your hair excessively or too vigorously, it weakens your hair and damages it. Brushing your hair when they are wet is also a reason behind split ends and hair loss. Do not brush your hair too often or in a harsh manner, especially when they are wet because your hair is the most fragile when they are wet.

You Skip Your Hair Trim Appointments

A hair trim benefits your hair’s health. It keeps your hair healthy and makes it look fresh. When you do not get your hair trimmed, it starts getting damaged. The damaged hair remains with you because they are not trimmed and make your hair look unhealthy and dead. Trimming is also the best way to get rid of split ends.

Your Scalp Is Unhealthy

If your scalp is unhealthy, then your hair is unhealthy and more prone to breakage and split ends. An unhealthy scalps will restrict any type of hair growth and will not transfer all the necessary nutrients to your hair which it needs to stay healthy and alive. Skin conditions like fungal infections, dandruff and psoriasis causes your hair to damage, more prone to split ends and hair loss.

It Is Your Medication

Certain type of drugs and medicines are so strong that they damage your hair and cause split ends and hair loss. Usually the medications for cancer, arthritis, heart diseases, anxiety, depression, birth control, steroids , high blood pressure, muscle relaxants or mood stabilizers cause your hair to fall and damage them as well.

Your Water Supplier Is To Be Blamed

In some areas, the water that is supplied is dirty or fluoride is added in it. Fluoride is a harsh chemical which can cause damage your health and hair. All you can do about this is invest in an expensive shampoo and conditioner which will put a protective sheath over your hair.

The only way to get rid of split ends and hair loss is getting a trim, sure you can prevent them through various hair care treatments but once your hair has been damaged, all you can do it get a trim. So, soon before your hair gets even more damaged, contact Tamara’s ScissorHands - A mobile hairdresser for you to book an appointment. The information is available in our contact page.

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